How decluttering changed my life

We started decluttering prior to selling the house. We actually started in 2015.

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I remember cleaning the house. It was crazy. At first it was a small pile in the basement to go to Goodwill. Before I knew it, the pile was taller than me and taking up the entire basement living room.

Every time I walked into a room...

“Does this thing bring me joy?”

I was cleaning SH*T up. I thought the rooms were ready and then I would walk back in and something would stand out. I would ask myself does that bring me joy. If the answer wasn't an immediate yes, it went into the basement pile.

What Do I DO with the Pile?

I knew that if i started to load the PILE up into the vehicle, i would start pulling stuff back out. I recruited my sister, Candace. I paid her to take it all to Goodwill for me. She could keep or sell any of it. She was amazing. Yes I could have sold stuff and what not, but chances are some of those things would have made it back into our daily lives. Which was not necessary.


Every item you own not only holds space in your home but also in your brain”

If it doesn't bring me joy i do not have any space for it whether in my home or my mind.

Less is More

Since living in the fifth wheel we have really down sized even more. at first it was kind of difficult, but after a bit it was so freeing. I love it! So does my brain, it is so free of clutter and so is our living space. You don't need more space, you need less stuff. What can you clear your space of... what about clothes, old magazines, dishes that you have never used or how about the THINGS that all you do is dust them and move them around? Start small and keep going.


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