Mala, Necklace or Meditation Tool?

BOTH! Yes, both, in my opinion.

To start maybe we should define Mala.

As you may know, I love Sanskrit. I didn't love it from the start, it grew on me. I super love it now and appreciate the ancient history that accompanies the language.

Mala is a Sanskrit word that translates to meditation garland. These mediation garlands or Malas were initially used to assist in mediation practices by taking the garland in your right hand starting at the guru bead and slowly moving the garland though the fingers with assistance of your left hand as you touch each bead and recite a mantra at each of the 108 beads . Mantra, another Sanskrit word that translates to a sound, a word or short phrase that can be repeated or chanted.

I have heard people refer to the Mala as prayer beads, sacred stones, and also a mystical formula. I can see that we are relate differently and that is great. It all seems accurate to me and how you relate... is how you relate.

I typically look at a Mantra as a prayer. A prayer that I need to bring to the front of my mind to stay focused. Mantras are always stated in a positive light and are kept short and simple. Lets face it, God knows the details, so keep it simple. Prayer beads as a name, that works for me.

The Malas that I make are made with real stone. Many are made with glass, metal, plastic beads or seeds. All ways are fine. I prefer the real stone because each stone has a frequency that can assist in our personal growth and well being. Why not have the extra assistance. God gave us stones of all kinds so lets use what we have. Scared stones, I can see this as the name too as I always put a prayer with the stones.

Mystical formula is a new one I hadn't heard of until recently. This one is good by me too. A prayer or mantra that is repeated 108 time in meditation is a straight up path for manifestation. Sometimes my prayer is a short affirmation I hope for and want to come to fruition.

The number 108 is a sacred number. The Golden Ratio, Fibonacci's Sequence and the number 108 are all related and all represent the wholeness of all existence, our oneness. Just typing it makes me feel connected.

Still not convinced of the power of the number 108?

Ponder this:

  • There are 108 stitches on a baseball.

  • The rate of growth of the spiral shell is 1.08.

  • If you add the 24 numbers in Fibonacci's Sequence it equals 108.

  • Several religions and traditions use the numbers 9 and 12. (9x12=108.)

  • There are 108 Nadis in the heart chakra.

  • The Sanskrit alphabet has 54 letters each has a masculine and feminine energy making 108.

  • The distance between the moon and the earth is 108 times the diameter of the moon.

  • The distance between the earth and the sun is 108 times the diameter of the sun.

  • The "1" represents divine creation, the "0" represents earth as a temporary experience and and "8" represents the infinity of creation.

Now, the question that many don't agree on: Does one wear the Mala or just mediate with it?

I say both, but mediate first. When you wear your Mala you are reminded as it dangles along your neckline of your mantra or prayer. Keep the positive Mantra going all day, what could be wrong with that?

Want to start a Mala practice and get a new necklace? Check out my online store. As always, let me know what you think.


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