Starting fresh: No to New Year Resolutions

Stop doing and saying the same thing you do and say every year. The same old resolutions that maybe make it...what maybe two weeks into January? Lets start now and make simple changes that are easy to follow through with, no resolution needed.

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What are some of the things we say we want every year?

Lose weight

“I will lose 20 pounds”

Workout 7 days a week

“I will go to the gym everyday”

Stop Swearing

“I am going to put money in the swear jar every time I use one of those words”

Quit Smoking

“I am going at it COLD TURKEY”

We have all heard it one way or another. Maybe you are the one that said it. Hey it is okay! These are great resolutions. Ones we can kinda sorta keep or maybe not but should.

Set Yourself Up for Success

You want to lose weight? Great what do you need to do to support yourself in that journey? Hydration, nutrition and yes what is your fun sweaty activity you want to engage in? It is not some trendy pill or fad diet. SUPPORT yourself and find out what works best for you and stick to it. Get an accountability partner.

You want to stop the swearing? Do more than just punish yourself by hitting your wallet each time you F up (haha I had to)? Instead be aware of your thoughts and expand your vocabulary. Why are you getting worked up to be swearing? Do you just need some more interesting ways to express your thoughts? Support yourself and promote self growth.

You want to stop smoking? Are you committed to this or are you being pressured into it? This is a huge addictive behavior and needs to be your idea and you need to be committed and 100% onboard. There are many reasons to quit but because you were told to typically isn't enough. Get intimate with your reasons and have them handy. write them down keep them in your pocket and bring the reason out and read it when the need to smoke arises. There are tons of other ways to assist in the quitting of smoking this is just one. The point it don't just get to the last day of the year and think cold turkey is the way. If you want success set a plan and support yourself in this decision.

The Becoming You in 2022 series has some simple ideas to help you through a few of the typical resolutions. It was made to help you be successful and stop failing year after year with those regular last minute, ditch effort to get to a better you. Biggest TIP you are already an amazing human think of this as an opportunity to be an even better version of yourself.


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