The 40 year olds To-Do List

Yes, I am forty years old. I am not sure how I made it to this beautifully round number, I still feel like I am 16 and getting away with everything. Actually, the gym I used to regularly attend had this super cool machine that could calculate your cell age. I was please to find out that my cells are right along with my brain in thinking they are younger. Not as young as I think, but I guess 31 years old is still younger than 40. Regardless, while searching the inter-web, I continue to see these lists circulating containing different milestones and fears that have been conquered. It has made me wonder a bit.

What do you think of when you hear BUCKET LIST? I think...ewe, I don't want a bucket list. I mean the whole idea is to get shit done before we die...that seems stressful, scary and sad! Those words invoke crappy feelings within me and I am not about crappy feelings. If you know me you know energy, thoughts and feelings are everything to me, even a title means something in my world. With that being said, I am a list maker. In order to satisfy my urge to check things off my list, I decided to just call this, The 40 Year Old's To-Do List vs. a Bucket List.

I want to share this list with you and maybe intrigue you, no matter your age, to get with it and start keeping track of all the greatness you are so fortunate to experience. This is my fortieth year in life. My May to May.

  1. Buy my Mini Cooper- I have always wanted one.

  2. Get rid of all the extra STUFF. I mean ALL of it!

  3. Sell what I don't need. Hence EXTRA, see above.

  4. Buy only what is necessary. This has made such gains for me in life and my bank account!

  5. Sell our house. What a feeling this was.

  6. Buy a Fifth Wheel. Done sizing is amazing.

  7. Live Full time in that Fifth Wheel. Living a simple life.


  9. Moochdock. Shout out to all the friends that let us stay for FREE.

  10. Boondock. Walmart and several other businesses allow you to stay for FREE, so convenient.

  11. Start a job.Insert eye roll.

  12. Quit that job. Insert another eye roll.

  13. Watch my daughter graduate early, with a 4.0 GPA.

  14. Make a TikTok (ok, so yes I must feel more like may age than I admit).

  15. Hike ALL of Sedona and the Vortexes.

  16. Meditate at the Chapel on the Hill. MULTIPLE TIMES.

  17. See a waterfall. More than one actually.

  18. Explore a cave. More than one here too!

  19. Relax in a Hot Spring. The one my heart was set on is closed through this year so I am on the search for another one.

  20. Hike a Mountain. AMEN!

  21. Ride a side by side up a mountain. Also breath taking.

  22. Go on a Ghost Tour. SPOOKY!

  23. Spend time with myself. Best use of my spare time.

  24. Do yoga everywhere. BREATHING this in makes me feel... well zen!

  25. Start a blog. Here we are.

  26. Go Horse Back Riding.

  27. Travel by Plane.

  28. Travel by Train.

  29. Travel by Boat.

  30. Get Dreads. Friday is the day. I have had them twice and something comes up bringing up the feeling that I need to remove them. Perhaps this time will be different.

  31. Re-pierce my nose. Ouch, actually the guy in Cornville was the best piercer I have encountered.

  32. Get another tattoo.

  33. See the Wave.

  34. Go to Yosemite.

  35. Visit the Redwoods.

  36. Explore Zion.

  37. Go to Yellow Stone.

  38. Explore Grand Tetons.

  39. Write a book.

  40. BE ME. For which I am so thankful.

The ones in pink are mostly completed and the ones in red are on the list to be finished soon. I am so grateful for this life. I plan on using this blog post to make additional blog posts, one for each number with mostly photos and maybe some smart ass comments. We shall see. I would love to see or hear about your list. Hey if you don't have a list, it is ok! You don't have to wait until your'e forty. Or if you are past that age no big deal, it is never too late to start living a life you are excited about.


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